Elected Mayor? – The Answer is NO


Yes to a Mayor – 24, 630 (38%)

NO – 40,089 (62%)

Thank you to those who weren’t influenced by the loaded referendum question, by Government blackmail or by a biased press.

On Thursday 3rd May people in Newcastle had the opportunity to vote in a referendum to decide if there should be a directly elected mayor in the city or not

We don’t think that an elected mayor is the best approach for Newcastle -  it concentrates too much power in the hands of one person, it costs a lot more to pay for a mayor with all the trappings and for extra elections – and there’s just no evidence that it works better.

But David Cameron imposed a referendum and was desperate for Newcastle to have our very own Boris!
“Strong” leadership isn’t necessarily effective leadership. You can have effective leadership under any system, with efficient councils providing good services – like Newcastle. What is needed is for cities like Newcastle to have greater powers and financial freedoms. We strongly support the principle of devolving powers from central government to elected local government. The Government says it will offer these – but not just to councils with mayors, so what’s the point of changing?!

It’s highly regrettable that the Government has loaded the question people will vote on to make it appear that the present system is somehow undemocratic when it’s the system we use to elect our Prime Minister!